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Q: What is a Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer develops from the Inner Lining of Breast. There can be change in shape & size, or noticeable lump is felt in breast. It occurs most commonly in females, If treated early, can prevent its spread to other body parts.

Q: What are the symptoms of Breast cancer?

There can be :
  1. Lump/Swelling in Breast.
  2. Change in skin colour.
  3. Skin Dimpling.
  4. Change in size or shape.
  5. Fluid discharge from nipples.
  6. Nipples become inverted.
  7. constant pain in brest or armpit.
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Q: What are the types of Breast Cancer?

  1. Non-Invasive
    • Does not have ability to spread outside breast
    • Generally found in ducts of breast.
    • Can be diagnosed in mammogram or you can feel a lump on Breast
  2. Invasive
    • Has the ability to spread to other parts of body
    • Develops in the cells that line Breast ducts.

Q: How can I Diagnose Breast Cancer?

Diagnosis can be made by Experienced healthcare provider.
  1. Physical Examination - Doctor will examine your breast for any lump, swelling, change in size/shape of both breast & nipples
  2. Biopsy - is done of affected area.
  3. FNAC - Fluid in the lump is taken for microscopic evaluation.
  4. Mammographic Screening - women with higher risk are adviced screening & genetic testing.
  5. MRI
  6. PET Scan - It is done to deduct the stage of cancer

Q: What are the stages of Breast Cancer?

Stages of Breast Cancer is based on TNM system.
T - Size of tumor
N - Lymph Node Involvement/not
M - Spread to more distant body parts.

Stage 0 - Shows the Breast Cancer has started in ducts & it's a pre cancerous condition.
Stage 1-3 - Shows Cancer has occurred within the breast or regional Lymph Nodes are Involved.
Stage - 4 - Shows, in which tumor has spread to other.
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